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What Is Driving Gamer Adoption In 2021?

Part of the GameBench Performance Matters Webinar Series

RECORDED ON Thursday 18 February 2021


This free online event brings together a panel of industry leaders in the telco, hardware, and connectivity industries to discuss the key drivers (and issues) impacting the cloud gaming industry this year and beyond.

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The gaming industry is set to follow the evolution of the music and movie industries, with a rapid movement towards an unlimited streaming model. Cloud gaming, enabled by technologies such as 5G, is being positioned to create a convenient way for gamers to play anywhere and anytime.

So, what will it take to win the hearts and minds of these cloud gamers?

We will pose that and other questions about the future of cloud gaming to a panel of experts spanning the mobile gaming, telecom, and hardware industries. Each will surely offer unique insight into their respective role into what it will take to achieve strong cloud gaming performance, and building its ultimate success.

The expert panel to include:

    • AT&T // Matthew Wallace, AVP, 5G Product & Marketing

    • NVIDIA GeForce Now // Patrick Beaulieu, Sr. Business Development Manager - Strategic Partnerships

    • Nokia // Gino Dion, Director of Innovation Solutions

    • Newzoo // Candice Mudrick, Head of Market Analysis

With its promise of faster speeds, reduced latency, and increased bandwidth capacity, 5G wireless technology seems almost tailor-made for gamers. It could very well be the game-changer that will revolutionize the way we play in the next decade.

Network operations, handset manufacturers, and game studios will learn how to prepare their organizations to take advantage of these new network capabilities.

This event is part of the Performance Matters Series presented by GameBench and will be moderated by the company's CEO & Co-Founder, Sri Iyer.



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