GameBench Pro Features

We believe in speaking the same language when it comes to your game's performance, whether you're in Dev, QA, or a Producer.

Users have performed over 66,000 hours of testing on more than 18,000 games on devices around the world to assess game fluidity (FPS), system bottlenecks, load times, bug tracking, and reporting. 

Monitor Performance

View sample sessions that showcase the performance metrics available with GameBench Pro.

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iOS SessionAndroid Session

Build Reports

View our Fortnite Case Study to get an idea of the types of reports that you can create.

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Fortnite Case Study


Getting the Most From Your Free Trial

Your trial includes access to all of the features available in our GameBench Pro Tool. The 7 days doesn't start until after you have been through a short online demo with a GameBench Product Specialist.

The following video shows how to begin testing your game in less than 3 minutes once you have been provided access.